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Test Automation with Perl Scripting Online Training

In the course we'll train about the Perl scripting and how to use Perl in testing. We will cover popular testing related modules available in Perl. Also, we are going to teach about various tools to interact with external system (e.g. Databases, Web applications, FTP, CLI).

After completion of the course the participants will be able to write automated tests using Perl for their applications collect the results and create nice reports.

During the class we'll be talking about unit, integration, system and even acceptance testing with both white- and black-box testing in mind.

  • Introduction to testing
  • Understanding the basic tasks of a QA engineer
  • Introduction to TAP - the Test Anything Protocol
  • Testing tools in Perl for testing Perl Modules (Test::Simple, Test::More)
  • Common reporting framework (Test::Harness)
  • Extending the testing framework (Test::Builder)
  • Other testing modules including Test::Most, Test::Deep
  • Setting up continuous integration (smoke testing)
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) applications
  • Testing Web application
  • Examples for database testing
  • Testing file-systems

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