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Major security breaches resulting in loss of data, service downtime, and brand damage cost businesses millions of dollars per breach. From a technology standpoint, companies are increasingly combining existing commercial and open source software, servers, and converged networks and systems to provide new services to their customers. Each hardware and software component has unknown quality, robustness and security.

With considerable time-to-market pressure and the lack of trained security staff, thorough security, and robustness assessment is often omitted. This results in applications and systems that are insecure and fragile, leaving organizations open to the very real and expensive risks associated with:

• Brand damage

• Service degradation

• Downtime

• Legal exposure

Software Products and services need to be first tested to ensure proper “normal” operation. This is to be complemented by vulnerability-specific tests mandated by ISO compliance, secure programming initiatives and risk management best practices. All possible security vulnerabilities are to be investigated - from user input in URLs and web page form fields, all the way down to the bits and bytes in protocol packets.

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