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MS-BI Online Training

MS-BI Online Training

During this Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] training program, you will dive into Designing an ETL Solution Architecture Using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services and Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services. In addition, we will extensively cover how to Design an Analysis Solution Architecture Using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Implement and Maintain Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. You will expand your knowledge on MDX Queries and learn how to create complex reports employing expressions, global collections, and conditional formatting using SQL Server Reporting Services. Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] course consists of all real time tasks which arise in day to day activities. Each and every topic is covered with unique case studies. Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] course is divided into 3 modules and totals more than 35 hours of instructor-led training for SQL Server 2102 Business Intelligence.


Understanding of OLAP solutions

Navigation of windows server environment.

SQL server installation, design & system tables.


Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] course is intended for IT Professionals who are responsible for implementing and maintaining SQL Server 2012 reporting and analysis solutions .

No prior experience is presumed.

Hands-on/Lecture Ratio

This class is 70% hands-on, 30% lecture.

Following Guideliness as Prescribe.

Software Needed on PC

Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 or Win7 Ente, 4GB RAM

SQL Server 2012

Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to

  • Understand the structure of a Business Intelligence Solution, including multi-dimensional database models and the role of data transforms and data analytics.
  • Design and implement data transformation solutions to populate data-marts and data-warehouses using SSIS.
  • Define business dimensions, measures, hierarchies, members and KPIs in BIDS using SSAS.
  • Build custom reporting solutions using SSRS.
Testing Course

All Students Will Recieve

A copy of Guide to SQL Server Integration services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services.

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